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Silver Group, comprimising of Hanseatic Marine Engineering Pty ltd and Silver Marine Partners ltd specializes in state of the art design and construction of light weight, large (70-100m), and high speed aluminum superyachts.
Silver Group is dedicated to building yachts that conform to uncompromising Northern European yacht quality standards with highest reliability and efficiency.
Started as a highly focused greenfield project, Silver Group has hand selected the best global talent and equipment. its superyachts are a unique combination of Espen Øino’s design, italian interior styling, Northern European equipment and australian light- weight aluminium construction.
Silver Group has assembled a global team with a common vision to build superyachts in an uncompromising manner according to North European yacht quality standards with highest reliability.
Located in the heart of the australian Marine Complex (aMC), Perth, western australia: a world class center for excellence in light weight aluminium vessel construction.
It delivered the award winning SILVER and SILVER ZWEI superyachts in 2007 and 2009, respectively, and its immediate pipeline includes the expected delivery of SMERALDA in May 2012 and SUVRETTA in Q4 2013.
In addition, there are two further superyachts under planning in the ca. 80m SILVER range called SILVER SQUARE and one superyacht for a new 100m length line called SILVER GLOBAL.
The SILVER series superyachts have been built to be extremely fuel efficient and have won numerous awards and admiration among its target customers. we want our clients to experience breathtaking cruises with supreme performance and maximum efficiency.